Success comes with hardwork

By Akol Arop Akol

With strong faith, hopes and resilience, can able you to overcome the life difficulties. When you have faith, you would not live on the past and the curse, you are always moving on in life knowing in your heart that any block doesn’t mean failure; you then gather your strength and go forward.

You can be what you want to be only when you have realized the person you are, the abilities you have and your mission of living in this World. How you look, where you were born or the parent that begotten you don’t define you at all and do not determine the road to your success.

It is said that people will find you but they cannot define you, this means they can meet and interact with you in life, they can know how you talk or walk but they cannot define the invisible part of you.

The unknown parts of you are your faith, what you believe in, what you hope for and what you are sure of that you can do better for your own life and for the World.

People cannot know what is in your heart and soul. They may say that they know you, but they cannot define your future.  You are the only one who knows the best part of you and what you are capable of.

It is obvious if you don’t have faith, nothing will work out. Faith is like a key and life challenges are like the padlock, if you don’t take the key and unlock, every door remains closed.

Hoping is like a candle that helps in to see and walk in the dark, while at the end of the tunnel there is enough light that would let you clearly see success.  It needs you to try again and again until you make it successfully.

When you fall that is not something to make you embarrassed or discouraged, everyone fails but what matters is how people feel and act after failing. Many people may fall once and they completely give up. Imagine if an athlete falls down during a run-race, would he give up from running? No, he can stand up and continue. If he thinks he is left behind by competitors, he would leave that race but that doesn’t mean he has quitted his career.

In the same way, when you fail once in anything, try it again. Everything you are trying to do for the first time requires a different of you; of course it can change you but hope more that you will do. You will fail, but don’t fall back, please fall forward.

People who tell you to be courageous in life might have already succeeded and achieved what they want or perhaps they are still trying. They might be struggling to win a race that will improve their lives. The strengths they are faith, hope and resilience.

When you feel heart-broken, disappointed by people or defeated by a situation, your mindset must be set on positive thinking-responses. Strong people are not those who do gym or boxing, great people are not those who within a short time climb to the edge of wealth.

Great people in life are those like you who are tempted to fail in life but still stand up and beat chests sating ‘‘yes I can do it, I can become the person I want and I will achieve what I need.’’

Therefore, by working in any area of life with faith, Hope and resilience, you will make it happen. Of course, you will eventually succeed.

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