Substandard water factories will be closed -Bartel

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry said all water producing companies will be closed if the managements are not conforming to the government policy of good working standard.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Tuesday, Joseph Africano Bartel, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry warned that any water producing company that does not improve or conform to professional working standards will risk being closed down.

He said there is need for all company managers to work up to proficient level to ensure that there are sanitary working standards to safeguard the environment.

Bartel said earlier his ministry had invited all water company managers and they agreed to follow the professional working standards of not dumping waste and sewage disposal into the River Nile.

“We have met with managers of different water companies and recommended that an audit department of planning and sustainable development will conduct surprise inspection to assess and review all the water companies on how they are performing,” Bartel said.

“If any water company is found not conforming to the professional sanitary standards as needed by the ministry, then automatically we will close the operation until they improve,” he added.

He continued that those who are found dumping or disposing sewage directly to the River Nile, pouring chemicals anyhow or not using gloves and protective clothes will also be dealt with accordingly.

The Undersecretary called on all water companies to cooperate with Juba City Council and as well the ministry of environment and forestry to ensure that good working relation is developed by abiding to the guiding principles.

By Moses Gum Degur

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