Study, work and music: Artist shares his story

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Survival for the fittest is the common word used by majority Juba’s young and energetic men and women and Nelson M Jay is not an exception.

The dancehall artist who is in early 20s works as a cashier during the afternoon and in the morning hours he attends lectures and then performs at events at night to earn extra money for survival.

Nelson M Jay is the breadwinner for his parents and siblings meaning that there is no time for him to joke with life.

“My parents cannot afford to pay my tuition fees or take care of my needs, so I decided to look for a job and I got, I work in the afternoon, morning hours I’m at school and at night if there is any show in Juba and am part of I perform,“ said Nelson M Jay

Being a student of Procurement and Logistics at Kampala University’s Juba branch gives him hope a better future.

Singing is an extra talent for Nelson M Jay bringing more South Sudanese pounds to his pockets and enabling him to take care of his day to day life.

South Sudan’s youth are known for been dependents on their parents or relatives for survival but Nelson M Jay is setting a different trend for the youth to follow.

I love my life a song done by Nelson M Jay draws an inspiration for the hardworking men and women who have not taken short cuts to earn better lives but rather gone through the harder way for the future.

“I have seen or heard stories of young people who have lost their lives because of short cuts in life and I believe they did not love their life. To my fellow youth love your life and work hard to make it better, “Nelson

Life is worth living and one should work hard no matter the satiation he or she is in is some of the lyrics in the I love my life song.

Star gal is one song that brought Nelson M Jay to the music lime light and he revealed that there are plans underway to shoot the video.

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