Students vow to stand for their rights

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

Students at the University of Juba yesterday vowed to stand for their rights as the country celebrates the International Human Rights Day on Tuesday (today).

They said it’s their hope that every student in the country would always stand up for the rights of each and every South Sudanese.

In an inclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Angeth Maker Biar, a second year student from the College of Law said standing up for each and every South Sudanese would be his top priority.

 “I think we the students of this country need to know that the future of the country is in their hands because they are the change agents of any society and if so then they need to stand up for our rights,” Maker said.

He said the only way to transform the country was for everyone to respect everyone’s rights, adding that students need to be educated about their rights since they were agents of change.

He said it was important to end violence against children and girls. He also called for an end to all forms of human rights violations in the country.

“My special message to fellow men is that let this day make us to refrain  from undermining the women and stop saying “mara sakit” because those rights are not about men, tribes, or anything else but it’s is about humanity,” he said.

Eliza Mary, a third year student studying economics at the University of Juba said there were many abuses against vulnerable groups, especially women and children in the country.

She said human rights abuses in the country was not only being committed by the government, adding even at family level human rights violation was taking place.

“I hope as we are going to celebrate the day, it will be a new era in South Sudan to get solutions to reduce human right abuses and respect each other’s rights in the country,” Mary stressed.

She said there was need to deal with the issues so as to get solutions to human rights abuses that divide the people.

“My message to all students within the country is that let us stand up for human rights and make this country the best country,” Mary said.

Malak Majok Adut, a student from the College of Law at the University of Juba said as people celebrate the international human rights day, it is important for South Sudanese to know that everyone has his or her natural rights which cannot be taken by anyone.

He said it was the primary responsibility of the government to educate the citizens on the constitution including the Bill of rights so that each and every citizen know their rights.

“People must come together to celebrate this day as they are free in their mind and body and also to remove the tension they had in their minds,” Majok said.

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