Students urged to fight for their rights

By BullenBala Alexander

Active Citizen South Sudan, the organization supported by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) South Sudan in advancing youths rights has called on the students in the country to fight for their rights.

Michael Biphal Thot, the Executive Director of Active Citizen South Sudan said it was time for students in the country to standup and fight for their rights.

“To build peaceful South Sudan, and associate with others, you must understand that you have equal rights, no one has different rights, no one is above the law we are all equal,” said Biphal.

Biphal made the remark during a one day training of students on human rights in Mangateen last week in Juba.

“Right to life, liberty and security of person, right not to be held in slavery or servitude, right not to be subjected to torture or inhumane treatment all are equal before the law and are everyone is entitled to equal protection by law,” he said.

He called on students to be the ambassadors in creating more awareness amongst the communities, parents, teachers, and their fellow students.

He said access to basic human rights would enable people to claim those rights and associate with other people adding that all the rights intended to protect each and every individual.

 “Mangateen being the host of different IDPs in Juba there is need to educate them about peaceful coexistence in the country and they will only understand when they have basic human rights in their minds.”

Peter Gatduel, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of Active Citizen said that teaching children to know their rights would make them to claim their rights.

He said the main objectives were to do human rights awareness to both secondary and primary schools so that they were able to disseminate the same message to their colleagues in communities and schools.

“Since most people are children when they are taught, they may be able to know their right and they are able to claim and talk about their rights,” Gatduel said.

Meanwhile, Marry Adut, a student at Venus Star High School said with the knowledge she got from the training it was important to fight for the rights she have.

“I have come to understand that I have right to choose the husband I want, not what my parents used to do to my elders sisters, but from today onward I will be able to standup and fight for the rights I have as long as it is in the constitution of the country,” Adut said.

Amaju Joseph Ubur, the Deputy Head teacher of Venus Star High School said he was impressed by the training of his students on human rights saying was the only thing that students can protect their rights from it been violated.

“It is only if I know my rights, I will be able to claim it and likewise for someone to protect his or her rights unless the person understands what those rights means,” Mr. Joseph said

He thanked the Active Citizen and Norwegian People’s Aid for their support in educating students in IDPs in Mangateen so that they understand their rights.

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