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Students urgeAkech, Lecturers to leave self-interest

Mackuac Deng,Information Secretary of Jusu

By Morris Dogga


Juba University Students’ Union (JUSU) has urged academic staff and the Vice Chancellor Prof. John Akechto leave “self-interest”and resolve their differences amicably.

Makuac Deng, the Information Secretary of the unionsaid although the students will not interfere in their disputes, the union is pressing on them to reacha peacefulsolution that benefits the students.

“What we want as students is to continue with our lectures. We don’t need this academic year to be interrupted by their disputes,” Deng said.

He warned that the institution is bigger thanthe Vice Chancellor and Academic Staff which he said they should not use it for their personalinterests, advising the students to stay away from such conflict of interests.

“We call upon the students to remain calmand do notallow people to mobilize them in the current dispute which is going on in the university,” Deng added.

In December 2016, Prof John Akech suspended five members of the academic staff for allegedly conspiring for his removal, a move which had been condemned by the academic staff threatening to go onstrike if their colleagues are not reinstated.

Meanwhile, Deng also complained over poor students’ living condition at the university. “The students are only given one meal in a day which is not enough for them while students who are in other public universities are receiving two meals a day,” he said.

He added that University of Juba is having twelve Colleges and hasaccommodated almost ten thousand students saying that the university needs to be allocated more budget than other public Universities.

“If other universities can have meal twice a day what aboutUniversity of Juba,” he asked. “We are urging the government to increase the meal from one to at least twice a day,” he said.

Meanwhile the secretary further said that the institution also has less sanitary facilities such as toilets and water. Adding that it has made staying at the hostile very difficult.


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