Students’ Union to shun tribalism and engage in development

The Minister of Higher of Education, Science and Technology Changson Chang and Michael Makor Manut left

By John Agok

The Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology called on South Sudan Students’ National Union to shun their differences alluded to tribal sentiments and political affiliation.

Michael Changson Chang told General Students’ Union general assembly in their first Convention in a bid to elect their new leader for the South Sudan Students’ National Union (SSNU) that, the body to shun tribalism and adheres to the development of the Country.

He also noted that the guiding principle in any dispute is to seek for dialogue and find an amicable solution to any problem: We want this body not to be influenced by any political affiliation or tribal influences. I know the body had been in crisis for ten years and I stepped in as the Minister to revive it for other two years by endorsing the formation of a steering Committee body headed by Michael Makor Manut and today we reached to first student Convention in the Country’s historic moment. We also formed an independent Electoral Committee with people of integrity and intellect to organize a credible election process for student Union. We too formed an appeal body for unsatisfied candidatures to appeal to, in case of irregularity in the election process”, he said. 

Dr. Mamur Stephen, the Chairperson of Student Desk echoed that, the Students’ body has been dormant for ten years, and until the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology took over to revive it for legal proper establishment.

“We have no attachment interest in this Union as alleged by conflicting views with in the body. But to see into it that, its stand at its own feet and contribute to the development of this Country”. Stephen said.

The former Chairperson of South Sudan General Student Union (SSGSU) Mr. Michael Makor Manut lauded the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology for solving challenges and establishing the body till today.

“I would like to usher in the delegates and brief you on achievement and challenges this body has been facing all along. We thanked the Ministry of Higher Education for its tireless efforts to revive this Union. The Ministry issued the Ministerial order in 2020 for forming steering Committee which I headed as its Chairperson. Today I am proud to witness the first Student Convention in a bid to elect its first leader in a democratic process after the body was in a wrangle. I urged the upcoming Executives to work for togetherness but not division”. Makor said.

The peaceful process of election has put to an end the trading accusations in alleging the Ministry of Higher Education to have stance interest in union leadership.

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