Students Union beseeches Varsities to re-open

By Yiep Joseph

The Upper Nile University Student’s Union has urged the administration to re-open the college for the finalists,adding that years were going while the candidates remained stranded.

However, Dr Marial Awou Yol the Vice Chancellor of Upper Nile University confirmed to Juba monitor that the university will open as soon as the National taskforce instruct his administration. The delay was not from university administration. He added.

He mentioned that the university suspended all the activities within the university when the situation was worsening in the country in order to rescue the situation.

“You can get education any time but you can not get life,” he said.

Dr Marial urged all the students to wait while following all the Covid-19 measures wherever they were citing that there was hope for re-opening of varsities.

In an interview with the Juba Monitor, Atem Barach the chairperson for Upper Nile student’sunion, appealed tothe national taskforce to give the university administration a go ahead and re-open for finalists in April.

“Give the finalists chance to complete their academic journey,” Atem said.

Atem stated that the University administration was following the lockdown orders as it was stated by the national taskforce.

He mentioned that the lockdown has been extended several timesas from Feb, March, and to April hence interrupting the academic journey of the finalists.

The university administration has been providing the union with the available information regarding the orders and guidelines from the national taskforce. he added.

He stated that the union has been engaging the university administration to allow the finalists resume their lectures since the closure of the university in response to the national taskforce order.

Mabor Majur Jok, one of the students affected by the lockdown appealed to the University administration to re-open the university adding that all the students will follow the covid-19 preventative measures.

He mentioned that there was a need to Re-open the university citing that students were everywhere loitering without jobs.

Last year, the SPLM national secretariate distributed facemasks, sensitizers and other Covid-19 preventative materials to the students in the university. he said.

Mabor appealed to all the students to work hand in hand with university administration in order to avoid misunderstanding and any other things that may delay the university to re-open.

“My fellow students let us avoid misconduct and problems that may cause violent, we can address all our issues as students to the union that will later forward them to the administration,” he said.

Mabor called on the chancellor of universities H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit to intervene in solving all the necessary problems regarding the public universities of which Re-opening was included.

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