Students trained on entrepreneurial skills

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Inspirational Youth Generation (IYG), a youth led organization has embarked on training studentson entrepreneurial skillsin order to be creative, innovative and self-reliant to eradicate poverty among the youth in the country.

The group said it was high time that theyoung people and students in the country be educated and motivated on how they can be creative, innovative as well as self-reliant in societies.

David StevenKayanga, Executive Director of Inspirational Youth Generation (IYG) said for one to be successful in life, it doesn’t matter that you need to know everything but how one can master the art of one specific angle to do what is better in life.

“As youths,we believe that coming up with such an organization would give us the chance to help fellow young people to focus on some ideas that can help our upcoming generation to be self-sufficient,” said Steven the IYG Executive Director.

He made the remark while addressing senior four candidate class at Juba Adventist Secondary School (JASS) over the weekend.

“IYG believe that every youth has the ability to do better as a result we are trying to put our ideas together so that youths be motivated and get inspired in whatever they intended to do in life,” Steven added.

According to the executive director, since youths are the leaders of today and tomorrow, it was important for them to consider their dreams, abilities and their potentials in life.

He added “It is through such interaction that youth would be able to double their efforts in things they are trying to do in life and most importantly not to give up on the things that they believe in having self-confident as well.”

He said for the country to eradicate poverty there is need for the youth to convey out their personal SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) and have faith to gear up measures against poverty.

“Most importantly is to know that it is not too latewhatever in life but then you can still turn your life and do better with it,” he cited.

“Our main vision of IYG is to see in time that we have creative and reproductive youth with better standard of living so the youth’s issue should be addressed. “So for time being, we are trying to raise awareness and trying to reach out to youths on areas affecting them mainly, that is what IYG is doing.”

For his part, Viola AbukMakuc, a senior member of IYG advised her fellow girls to take lead in business saying in today’s world woman is given respect when she is educated or has money.

“Let me tell you my fellow girls, we can be our own bosses than being housekeepers if we invest in business but for us to succeed you need to be humble and always be organized, keep good manners and behaviors,” she stressed.

She revealed that entrepreneurs are the most viable people in the world nowadays and they have power to do anything since they own money.

“To be like them and own big entrepreneurs in the country you need to be creative and begin with what you have, special small entrepreneur business is the only one that can make you grow big.”

“So my dear ladies you are the great mothers of this country and as such I am much concerned about you, I really want to see some of you in future owning big business that men owns,” Ms. Abuk articulated.

According to Abuk, the practice of which parents choose what to do to the child should be discouraged saying it was affecting the civil population because most youth are doing what was not of their interest or career and it would continue to affect if it is not given much attention by educating people about it.

MittiGoliver, a member of IYG said the group was formed primarily to give hope and empower youths who have given up in life so that they can become self-sufficient and better leaders to participate in national development.

According to Mr. Goliver, the group was formed in 2020 by a group of young and visionary people who have identified social issues that have hindered youths from achieving their dreams in life.

He added that issues that hinder youths from achieving their dream were unemployment, lack of entrepreneurship skills, lack of career guidance and talent promotion.

“Because of all these issues and challenges the youth tend to look down on themselves as people without future and as a result some of them have engaged themselves in bad activities like robbery, drug abuse, prostitution and many other bad behaviors,” Mr. Goliverdisclosed.

Meanwhile Robert Haki, a senior four student at Juba Adventist Secondary School (JASS) said he was motivated with what the Inspirational Youth Generation has done to them sayingit was something that can make one to be independent than relying on someone.

“For myself guys, IYG really taught me how I can be self-sufficient because they certainly encouraged me a lot and it is now up on me to adjust myself accordingly because I believe if I have all those skills then I will have no reason to complain to anyone,” Haki expressed.

“Many used to say luck is not in their side or it is by luck that one can get something but forgetting that God has given each and every one talent, so I think it is the right time for us as young people to stand up and try to learn more to live in this moment than in the moment to come,” he stressed

Haki believes every youth has the talent but due to ignorance and nature of the society they are in, many could not be able to use their talent to gain something for their own life.

However, he called on the IYG to continue empowering the youth on entrepreneurial skills saying many young people have the ability to do whatever good but it was only that they are not guided, uplifted and directed to what they are supposed to do at right time.

Patricia Severino, another senior four studentat JASStreasured the IYG for choosing to be eye opener for the rest of the youth in the country adding that what the organization was doing can change the country to better.

“I am happy for what the IYG has done to us today, when I say I am happy, it does not mean total happiness because I am yet to go and start what I was educated onbut of course what I am thinking of is how I can be my own brain winner in life of investment,” Patricia promised.

She said what IYG offered to them was something that would help many to be their own bosses in life time.

She further urges the parents to give chance to their children to practice the talents they have so that they can be able to do better things in the life.

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