Students trained on community peace and unity

Students during the training for peace and unity

By Asunta Alith

At least 25 students from different universities and secondary schools in Juba have been trained on dispute mitigation to enhance peace and unity within communities. The training was conducted by a civil society organization; Youth for Peace and Development.

Gak Abraham Geu, the Executive Director for Youth for Peace and Development Organization said the student will be used to bring peace so as to end conflict and disputes in their respective communities.

He said the same group of students should be tasked to deal with challenges facing students and the communities by creating awareness on peace, health and education.

“We have already formed some groups to work within community in Juba; that is Custom, Muniki, Gumbo, Gudele to teach peace and unity among residents as a means to try to end the conflict in the country,” Geu said.

He said their initiative is to back up the national dialogue, which has been announced by President Salva Kiir.

Geu said, that the group will also teach communities on collective impact, collaborative, community innovation and the community evaluating impact.

Carlon Madana Eli, student from John Garang Memorial Secondary School said they are ready to take their roles and use the knowledge they have acquired to bring peace and love in the community.

“We are going to teach youth to engage in peace building and other farming activities to avoid idle sitting in the markets and playing domino, cards and other games like gambling,” Eli added.

She said this event is designed to create opportunities to learn together and create a co-generative space for new ideas that can be put into action, “the event curriculum offers an opportunity to drive deeply into key learning streams that are fundamental to effective community change.”

Santino Atak, one of the participants from the University of Juba said South Sudanese have been experiencing nonstop conflict since the creation, “we pray and hope that the government will do something to enhance the future of the next generation.”

He said in a town once razed by fighting, communities have become the focal point for unity and growth.

Atak said if the community leaders were comprised of respected elders from different tribes, we would be committed to promote peace and to helping our communities in creating awareness to improve healthcare, education, and business opportunities and all these things are our responsibility, he said.

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