Students told to stand up for other’s right

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Human Right Division has called on students to stand up for each other’s rights in the country.

Mr. James Fandas, UNMISS Human Right Division representative said South Sudanese are one people and they need to unite and fight for each other’s rights.

“UNMISS as a mission has the theory, which says stand up for someone’s right regardless of who you are, your tribe, culture, and the villages. We are one people and one nation. Let us together stand up for every each other right,” Mr. Fandas said.

He further said “If you see a Nuer falls down, it is your duty to stand up for the rights of the Nuer, and if you see a Dinka falls down, you must not pass along saying that is a Dinka. You must stand up for the rights of the Dinka and all the 64 tribes in South Sudan because we are one people”.

Mr. Fandas added that Human rights are not against any culture but against harmful practices, which polarize people and infringe on somebody’s rights.

“It is time for all South Sudanese to be united, love each other and promote peace through preaching the words of peace in every corn of the country. We should say yes to peace and no to conflict and war,” he said.

Mr. Fandas made the statement during Art for Peace drawing competition for secondary schools in Juba on Tuesday. The event was organized by UNMISS under theme: “Child Right to Peace”.

Mr. Saito who is in UNMISS department of Outreach unit, said it is the UNMISS mandate to always unite people; maintaining peace and stability in the country.

He said UNMISS will always continue helping and bringing South Sudanese together till they realize lasting peace in order to enjoy their natural resources in the country.


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