Students obtain their coronavirus support funds

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least over 300 South Sudanese students in Morocco have finally received their coronavirus support funds after months of battling with the Embassy on the payment issues.

Last month, the students protested the delay of payment in Rabat City in Morocco after the funds went missing for 3 months.

As a result, the students occupied the Embassy for roughly two days protesting the whereabouts of the money.

The funds were approved by the then High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus in April as coronavirus emergency funds to support the government students in foreign countries during the pandemic.

However, the students in Morocco failed to receive their share since the portion seemed to have had issues between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and South Sudan Embassy in Morocco. 

In June, students reported that there was a complexity in payment of their support funds since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not track the whereabouts of the cash after the money was transacted back to South Sudan.

The money was forced back to the country given that the transaction was effected unto one of the diplomats’ private account in Morocco which doesn’t fall in the Moroccan government’s jurisdiction when it comes to withdrawal.

Based on the Bank’s restrictions in Morocco, the money was sent back to South Sudan on 29th May after weeks of follow up according to Union’s President.

In the course of the time, the authorities in South Sudan failed to confirm the receipt of the money for more than three weeks.

In June, an authentic document directed to South Sudan Mission in Morocco signed by Amb. Samuel Luate Lominsuk, Director General of Administration and Finance explained that the money which was resent back to the Ministry’s account was not visible in the account up to last June.

The Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were to follow up on the money.

But speaking to Juba Monitor on Thursday, Ambrose Madut Madut, South Sudanese Students Union’s President in Morocco said that the Embassy was now able to pay them after the money was resent to the Embassy by the government.

“We have finally managed to receive our long awaited support funds,” he confirmed.

Madut revealed that each student received 94 dollars out of the 33,000 dollars share for students in Morocco.  

In total, students were paid 32,040 United States dollars according to the President.

Diing Jesus, a South Sudanese student in Rabat City said that they were now pushing to sustain their lives with the little they have.

He concluded that they were currently busy doing their ongoing examinations.

At the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, South Sudanese government allocated three (3) million dollars to sustain students in foreign countries during the endemic.

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