It is good news that over 300 students who were stranded in Ethiopia, about 200 of them have returned home safely waiting for the situation to ease before going back to complete their studies. The efforts through the country’s diplomatic mission in Addis Ababa is worth commending although before then there were problems between the embassy and the students over the payment of some allowances recommended and approved by the government to all students studying abroad.  The soberness applied in handling the situation meant that at the end of any differences, round table talks could always settle even a burning issue, which would be seen as being out of hand. The government had approved three million USD to all the students. The Ethiopia case was just one among them. Students who are in full government to government scholarship should always represent themselves like ambassadors of the country by portraying good pictures and images of themselves and the country. Even if there are disputes and differences, there must be a room left for arbitration to solve such issues. The students in this case were reported to have gone overboard forcing the embassy in the Ethiopian capital to call in security to maintain order. It is not who is telling the truth. It is the way some of the students behaved that necessitated the embassy to call in the security. This was equally not right for foreign mission to call in the security because there could have been a room for dialogue, which would have seen both parties, resolved the issue like one family and indeed they are. These students are out there to get knowledge in different fields that will help in the development of the country when and if they come back home. Respect and integrity of individual and the country should be beyond reproach in any situation.

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