Students interviewed for Israel Agriculture Course


Ambassador of Israel to South Sudan, Hannan Goder addresses the students before the interview (photo by Kidega Livingstone):

By Kidega Livingstone 

Students selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security to go for “learn and earn” program in Agriculture in Israel completed the interviews yesterday.

The interview which started on Wednesday was conducted by two Directors of the Agriculture colleges based in Israel.

Speaking during the opening of the interview, Director of Kinneret College Mr. David Orien said that the program requires hard work in order to succeed in the course.

“In Israel weather is not considered. You have to work every day in order for you to have knowledge and earn more money because it is an international program,” said Orien.

“We give the knowledge and tools. It is a big mission not everybody can do it,” he added.

On his part, Ambassador of Israel to South Sudan, Hannan Goder said that agriculture is not a hobby but a profession that require more commitment in learning it and in order to move South Sudan forward.

“Agriculture can move the nation forward. I am not a farmer, I don’t know how to do it. Your challenges as South Sudanese should make this country forward through agriculture,” said Goder.

He said the agriculture is the backbone of the country because it can boost economy and fight food insecurity.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Onyoti Adigo welcomed the initiative by the Israeli embassy for sponsoring students for the “learn and earn agriculture program.

“With the few students selected, we want to reform agriculture so that South Sudan can be the food basket in East Africa,” the Agriculture minister said.

He said the government is committed for agriculture revolution but not war. “We are tired of war. This time we need to start agriculture revolution in order to take this nation forward,” minister Onyoti said.

The college through Ambassador of Israel to South Sudan has taken twenty students for the program last year.

The project was initiated by the Kinneret College and other partners such as: International Agriculture Guidance Center of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, Foreign Ministry, the Israeli Ambassador in South Sudan, Jordan Valley Regional Council, Springs Valley Regional Council and other local regional councils, food processing factories, water industries, and local greenhouses focusing on dates, bananas, fisheries, chicken houses, fruits and vegetables.

The students attend classes and work in agricultural farms to gain experience and get paid.


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