Students in Uganda told to bring home skills

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

South Sudanese students studying in Uganda told to return home after the competition of their studies.

Pai Philip Michael Gbudue state Minister of General Education said there were many South Sudanese doing nothing in Kampala

He was speaking at a graduation in Kampala last week.

The official said the country was getting better day by day after a five-year-old conflict that displaced thousands of people out of the country.

“There is peace in the country and South Sudan is not like those days with a lot of gunshots,” Michael said.

“Many South Sudanese students who completed their studies are just staying in Uganda doing nothing and yet there are a lot of opportunities for them in South Sudan,” he added

The Minister said with prevailing peace in the country, there are going to be opportunities as many investors are expected to come to South Sudan.

He said the investors will need to work with the local skilled labour. “You need to go back home and apply the skills you have acquired to raise money and not to depending on others.”

“Students who come from poor family are the one struggling but those from rich families do not put interest in studies,” Michael said.

He challenged the students not to aim at the wealth of their parents but study hard to get their own.

He hailed the parents who continued to take care of their children education though they were living in a refugee camp.

“Many young girls who are often sent to study in Uganda but some of them forget the reason why they are here and they end up getting pregnant from the school,” Michael said.


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