Students demand equal scholarship opportunities

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

South Sudanese students in Uganda have called on government to provide equal scholarships for all its citizens including those studying in East Africa.

The students made the call during thanksgiving prayer organized by Twic Community Association for its members preparing for their final examinations.

Philip Mayom, one of the candidates said the government should consider the students who were studying in East Africa on its scholarship plan for them to benefit from the services.

“We deserve it and therefore we humbly demand and request our rights in the national cake,” Mayom said.

On his part counsel Akech Geng Wol who spoke on behalf of the community challenged South Sudanese students to be committed to achieve their education.

He told the students that their main objective of being in Uganda was to acquire education instead of living a luxury life.

Wol acknowledged the community resilience particularly those living in Uganda saying they deserve more services to be delivered to them effectively.

A counselor at South Sudan embassy in Uganda, Adut Arok Thon Arok reassured people of South Sudan in Uganda of peace.

She said government was ready to implement the peace in letter and spirit to enable them to return home.

Ms. Arok applauded the leading role played by South Sudanese women in taking good care of the families in the absence of their husbands.

Brig Gen Thiik Bol Giir who was the guest of honor advised the community on their security and safety saying that community gathering must not exceed its time limit of 6:00pm.

He said the secular from the office of counselor in charge of community affairs requires all South Sudanese community in Uganda to conduct meeting early and close it early as possible because law will definitely come to effect against those who shall not respect it.

In a separate statement, Gen Bol responded to the complaints of the students regarding the fee they often pay for authenticating their academic documents.

He said the purpose was to determine fake documents from the real ones, saying such complaints has no base as government want to ensure all students do correct thing.

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