Students decry poor learning space over coronavirus

By Atimaku Joan

Students are decrying poor leaning space as they embarked on distance learning from Radios and other electronic devices in June.

In late March 2020, the government suspended all schools across the country as a measure to safeguard the locals from the coronavirus pandemic by then.

The sudden closure of schools and educational institutions in response to the pandemic is a problem faced by students within the country.

This has inflamed the vulnerabilities of affected population in the country as they could normally denounce the coronavirus impacts.

It has resulted in the disruption of learning where approximately 2 million children who enrolled in schools are deprived of education as schools are non-operational amid Covid-19.

Mandela Raphael, a private proprietor who manages Daystar Academy in Juba, says disruption of learning space was a major problem caused by the fast spread of the virus.

“Much as there were some students who used not to go to school often but it has been always good knowing there are school activities taking place,” Raphael said.

Ayaa Hellen, one of the students who receive learning on the radio reveals that the learners were frustrated by the situation fearing that it may continue to lead to missing of school activities.

“It is very difficult to study at home and I am missing the discussions with the support of my teachers and classmates,” she said.  

Ms. Hellen reveals that the learning space has become extremely different as opposed to the past.

According to the young lady, if the coronavirus does not subside, the students will continue to experience the difficulties as they continue to get lessons at home.  

COVID-19 has not only disrupted learning insight between students and professional teachers, but it has also generated numerous problems among the country’s academicians.

Most of the students had shown signs of frustrations as they are unaware of when the situation will come back to normality.

As a result of the pandemic, the rise of unexpected pregnancies and marriages have spiked just within months of lockdown.

It has also been reported that South Sudanese students were stuck in Uganda as a result of the coronavirus.

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