Student’s convention expected to kick off in June

By Yiep Joseph

South Sudan general student’s union convention is proposed to kick off in late June in order to bring in a new students’ leadership.

Students’union is a body that was formed and tasked to look into the affairs of students. In late May, the students’ convention was postponed due to some alleged technical arrangement that occurred.

However, on 22nd of MayUnion’s steering committee promised to re-arrange and conduct a fresh convention in two weeks’ time.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Yel Deng Ajook the deputy chairperson for South Sudan General Students’Union revealed that the convention was proposed for late June.

“The office of the steering committee for South Sudan general students’ union suggested the convention to take place from June 20th and above,” Yel said.

He revealed that there were technical issues that delayed the convention but as soon as they were done, the convention would kick off.

“We are working hand in hand with the Ministry of Higher Education to see how best we can conduct the students’ convention within this month,” he revealed.

“we are working hard to address the outstanding issues before the convention kick off,” he added.

He also disputed the allegation that the steering committee refused to give a room for peaceful transition of power.

“We are not refusing to give power to students, and if there are people spreading that, then it is a lie,” Yel said.

He called on the students to be patient and avoid listening to the rumors being spread but wait for the convention which is soon.

Yel revealed that their office was tasked to carry out election and give powers to the new leadership to follow all the students’ issues.

“As per now, we do not have powers to do other things because they are not within our mandate as a steering committee,” he said.

“I want to tell the general public that we are for the convention and have no any intention to stay in the office,” Yel said.

He called on the students to stay calm as they wait for the convention due for this month.

“We shall very soon hand over the office and therefore, the students have to be calm since they had been doing for so long,” he said.

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