Students clean up Giada military Hospital

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

As part of the Martyrs day commemoration, students group from the University of Juba cleaned up the Military Hospital in Juba in solidarity with the heroes and heroines

The group said it was high time to remember the great contribution of the martyrs during the liberation struggle.

Deng Buol Pech, the Program manager of the Students’ initiative said they wanted to create a peaceful and clean pay back for the services made by the martyrs

The event was initiated by students’ initiative Act Students Network (ASN) under the theme “creating peaceful environment for sustainable development”

The Program Manger said that taking such steps for the vulnerable people would create peaceful mindset and better living for the patients in the Hospital.

“We understand that it is the time to stand with the vulnerable people by doing some charity work so that they feel sense of belonging and love as part of the community,” Pech said  

He urged the citizens to contribute to the nation building so that the country realizes the vision and mission of the fallen heroes and heroines.

Pech added that the group was able to raise some funds to champion the cleaning awareness at the Hospital

“We managed to raise the funds through our contribution and some donations though it was not enough to facilitate the whole project,” Pech said.

He appreciated the administration of Giada Military hospital for their cooperation and compliance during the activity.

Juma Joseph, one of the patients who had gone for medical checkup at the Hospital on that day appreciated the group for their love and care for the people.

He added that “This shows love and patriotism for the country that the Martyrs fought for”

Mr. Joseph encouraged the youngsters to be patriotic and always support such initiatives.

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