Students cautioned against early marriage

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

Aweil community Association in Uganda organized an event central on thanksgiving to appreciate students who made it to difference levels of education in Uganda system of education. The event was mainly to inspire students to take education as serious instrument use to change life of the people.

The thanksgiving ceremony was held under the theme “Education for sustainable development and prosperity of the people”. On 14 Saturday 2019 at Shine Hotel Kansaga.

Speaking to audience madam Abuk Lual Thiek said our objective as community leaders was to embrace education on serious note because education always need more time therefore dating girls or girls dating men before finishing their education therefore getting married early is dangerous to prosperity of an individual, fellow students please wait for your time and continue with challenge of education only.

On personal submission the chairperson congratulated Aweil community in Uganda particularly women for standing with the leadership in solving community affairs always congratulations fellow community.

Madam Abuk Lual advised South Sudanese people living in Uganda to be humble at all time because living in foreign country need you as person to be patience by humbling yourself at all time she said.

William Ngor Majok who spoke on behalf of SPLM Uganda chapter described education as only useful tool use to combat social challenge such as ignorance and other problem that come with it.

William urged already graduates to further their education to the next level because Aweil community need more educated people to realize that you must be patience and always determined to move forward through education he said.

Speaking on behalf of Equatoria students and community Mr. Abia Lawrence  Sikido who represented Azane community in Uganda recognized the good spirit of South Sudanese living in Uganda to extend it back home because our unity in Uganda need to be extended to our country back home that was the only way to defeat element of tribalism out of South Sudan and welcome the culture of loving ourselves as one people of South Sudan he said.

Guest of honor Nyuol Ayat Adim talked greatly about the unity of citizens because communities we represented in this special thanksgiving to inaugurate about 176 candidates, students in thanksgiving and career guardian to choose a career which is productive and useful in changing lives of citizens and entire nation.

Guest of honor challenged 176 candidates to face Uganda National Examination Board known as UNEB because only few students dare to pass and further their education comfortably due to their commitment by reading books and course works if not your future will hang in the balanced no future secured for you and your family as well as the nation you represented will have no future.

Hon Nyuol Ayat Adim cautioned students to desist from students who unknowingly or intentionally practice unlawful abortion because is against our cultures as people and particularly before God and mankind he stressed.

The guest of honor used the event to disseminate peace agreement message to the community in Uganda which central on forgiveness of the wrong that happened and reopened the new chapter of respect of rule of law and absolute respect of human rights and values which we all struggled to be independence country South Sudan.


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