Student murder: suspect arrested in Mingkaman

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Authorities in Jonglei State said the suspected solider who killed a student in Bor last Saturday has been arrested in Mingkaman of Eastern Lakes state.

According to the official statement, the suspect belongs to the South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF).

Yousif Abdalla Garang, Jonglei state police commissioner confirmed to Juba Monitor yesterday that the suspect had finally been arrested in Mingkaman.

“The SSPDF soldier arrested in Mingkaman is identified as a body guard to a General here in Bor. He decided to escape after killing a high school student on Saturday night,” he said.

“So we have now arrested him and he is under our custody as police authorities. He is yet to tell us what happened exactly,” Garang said.

He said the suspect would have to produce an account and testify before the court as to why he killed the student.

The police commissioner confirmed that an investigation has been launched, the suspect would be arraigned before the court as soon as the investigation is completed.

Mr. Garang appealed to the family of the victim to remain calm as the law will take its course.

“As we do not know what prompted him to shoot the person, we still thoroughly need to investigate him and will get to know an insight information behind it,” he said.

“So I am urging his family to remain calm as we all follow the case,” Garang added.

Mr. Garang affirmed that the police had searched for the suspect to justify the reasons behind the killing.

The deceased was a student at Bor College High School and was supposed to sit for his final examination this year.

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