Student appeals to well-wishers for education sponsorship

By William Madouk Garang

A 22-years-old, a senior four student leaver was reaching out to Presidential Advisor for Security, Tut Galuak Manime and other well-wishers to support him finish up his education.

Mangok Dhal Mathiang, a student at Chinese Friendship Secondary School sat Art section and scored 80.9 percent, in South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education 2020/2021.

In a letter extended to Juba Monitor, Mangok Dhal Mathiang said that he was the only person sponsoring himself but he was afraid that he might not get opportunity to complete his studies due to financial constraints.

“Dear respectful Hon. Tut Galuak with all this deplorable circumstance Imagine, I’m jobless and have to struggle for meals and tuition fees at the same time, my family have lost everything during struggle to get my PrimaryLeavingCertificate (PLC),” Mathiang said.

“Also I want to tell you (that) my whims to be an educated person didn’t cease from this stage that I’m in it now, however, it has become impossible for me again to proceed to university since I don’t have enough money to pursue my bachelor degree in university,” he added.

Mathiang clarified that he had been demoted from school several times because he failed to pay the registrations fees adding he was inspired to become ambassador of peace.

“my struggle to complete my primary and secondary school was the tough struggle in the moment I will never forget in my life, however, with help of God and others kind-hearted individuals, I have managed to finished my secondary certificate this year,” he stressed.

“I don’t want to be points out amongst thousands of South Sudanese students and to be told to leave class because I didn’t complete my school fees, I am a South Sudanese and I deservealso to be proud like other kids, I want to obtain my degree at the younger ages as I expected, also I want to realise my dream of being a peace maker not only in south Sudan but also in East Africa and the world at large,” he added.

You can reach him through these contacts: +211929179199/+211914004788, Email address:

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