Striking lecturers disappear with exams papers

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The striking lecturers at Dr. John Garang Memorial University in Bor have disappeared with the examination papers.

The lecturers reportedly escaped with the papers while the Deans Board were in a meeting to resume the examinations.

On Wednesday the lecturers suspended the ongoing examinations over what they said was government failure to pay five months’ salaries arrears.

In an attempt to resolve the issue on Wednesday evening, the Deans Board of Deans held meeting with Jonglei State Governor Maker Thiong Maal and resolved to continue with the exams.

According to Extra Ordinary Board of Deans meeting dated 27th November 2019 the exams were to continue normally from yesterday.

However, the striking committee of lecturers collected the examination papers on Thursday morning and disappeared leaving the administration in dilemma.

When contacted for comment, Lual Ngor Lual, the Chairperson of the University’s Teaching Association confirmed to Juba Monitor that his colleagues had disappeared with the examination papers.  

“Yes, we are store-facing here in the University. In fact some of the members of the Management Sciences College went and sat down and said that they want to bulldoze the teaching staff by giving examinations by themselves,” Mr. Lual explained.

The chairperson stated that though the senior management had resolved to resume the examinations as normal, the Deans were unable to find the exams papers.

“The examination is normally monitored by the teaching staff, they could not trace some of the lecturers with the examinations. So this is the situation now,” Lual stated.

“They had wanted to give examinations as members of the management but now they are faced with that difficulty of not getting exams,” he added.

According to the lecturer, it was so difficult for Deans to find the exam papers since most of the examination officers were members of the striking lecturers.

He revealed that the teachers would still be on strike until the government communicates about their payment date before giving the examinations,

“As teaching staff Association, we are still holding that the strike is on and even if some exams are being given by the management, we consider it as illegal because teaching staff will still be called to mark the papers,” he said.

“Okay, if they can be given by the managers, then who will mark them at the end? he asked. The staff would still be called to come and mark the examination scripts that will have been given by the managers. The strike is on, and anything happening here is illegal,” he said

Prof Abraham Matoc Dhal, the University’s Vice Chancellor while addressing students upon arrival from Juba yesterday asked the academicians to be vigilant as he explores the ways towards examination issue

“I am not ready to make the students of this University to be exploited, and to go to the street because of our own problems,” he said

“The country is at the stage of dialogue. It is not good again to engage in fighting with certain things that may cause inconveniences. So don’t worry, keep around as you have done wisely and we see into it that the management of this University will secure your examinations as soon as possible,” the VC added.

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