Street venders request gov’t to allot them land

By Atimaku Joan

Street venders have requested the government to allocate them a land for their business so that they move away from the roadsides.  

According Juba City Council authorities, selling and buying along the streets and at the roadsides is illegal and punishable by law.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, Peter Loro Paulino the Chairperson of Juba City Legislative Council said venders have been warned not to sell things along the roadsides saying this could lead to accidents and road congestion.

“We do not allow these things to take place along the road and also they are blocking the roads causing congestion,” said Loro.

During an interview with some street venders in Juba, most venders have asked the government to relocate their business to safe place.

Taban Hamid who is a street vender along Nyakuron road said they ended up on the streets because they pay daily dues and yet the landlords of the rooms within the market also charge them highly.

“Most of the rooms within the markets belong to individuals who demand money from us every month and the city council is also taxes us daily which we cannot pay both. So let the government gets another place for us,” said Hamid.

Nancy James who is a street vender along Konyokonyo market also asked for where the city council will put them if they are not needed on the streets.

“Where will I go or where will the city council put us,” said Nancy.

She added that they pay 30700 SSP after every three months to city council which could be used to help them with the relocation.

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