Street talks on coronavirus

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There are no hotter talks in South Sudan and the world than the case of coronavirus. In South Sudan, some people are still ignoring the directives given by the Ministry of Health. It was said that people should not greet each other or be closure to one another; still particular people are congesting. Last week, President Salva Kiir banned social gathering and church prayers in the country until the situation could improve. Last Sunday, during the installation of Archbishop Mulla, at Saint Theresa Cathedral Kator, Dr. James Wani Igga enlightened people on how to protect themselves from the disease.

 He said it was the directive of the government and President Kiir so that people should take care for this Virus not to reach in South Sudan.

He further said at the moment there is no case but people of South Sudan should take care due to the confirmed cases in the neighboring countries. I know several people didn’t understand it well. They are thinking it as a minor issue like any other disease that could be cured. According to the directives given by the government, the big gathering conducted at St. Theresa Cathedral Kator could be the last gathering in the country. There is no any gathering to be organized in the country.

The nature of the disease doesn’t need people to stay in big number in one place. It is very faster in transmitting and dangerous, it can kill very fast within short period of time. If you are told to wash hands with clean water and soap, you apply it. The big challenges are in the families with children. Parents are to teach their children and family members on the instruction of this disease. Currently, schools are closed down but how can the parents protect children who need strong directive from them. They are playing together with children of the neighbors. In such a case it is the responsibility of the parents to take care and protect them.

However, protection measures vary from one family to another, according to the classes, for the reason that people are living confining to classes in different areas. The rich families have means for better protection in adequate manner. They can provide protecting items for washing hands, like Dettol and others. The poor families cannot afford to some extent at less they should be able to provide soaps and water for washing hands.

That are the basic materials, everybody should afford in the family. Therefore, it is important to take care and control our children in the family, so that they could apply the directive passed by the Ministry of Health and President Kiir.  If you ignore, it is not for you but the impact is for the people of South Sudan. If you love this country, let us protect it from anything that could affect its people.

May God bless us all.

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