Street children screening launches in Jongle

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare in Jonglei State in collaboration with Bor Municipal Councils launched screening up of the street children who are related to criminal activities.

William Kuol Chuol said that street Children who fully become criminals could be taken to prison to undergo reformatory School in prison.

“the Ministry has witnessed the high numbers of street children in the State. Security organs in the State tried to harmonize the children and identified the children who are related to criminals activities because some children went to the street with a reason and some of them are orphans and some migrated from Lakes State into Jonglei state,”

He added that whoever came to State with intention of criminals’ activities should be arrested and put into Special Protection Unit (SPU) and they should be screened and report to authority of Jonglei State.

He revealed that the Ministry has started programs of training the chiefs, women and elder people about the importance of child education instead of preventing children from going to School because child labor is a crime and child has right to school and space of playing and these process are taking shape on the community. Also the Ministry has organized four training sessions especially the girl child education, some children are forced to marriage at age of 14 which is the violation of child right and we talked with the parents and Community leaders to stop forced marriage and to send their children to school and these program should have extended to all the counties in Jonglei state,” he said.

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