Street children need community protection

By Khamisa Levi

Community has a great role in protecting street children. It can help by providing a place for them and food.  Buseina Robert, a student at Juba University College of law told me on Tuesday that community should mobilize resources for the roaming street children in Juba.

She also said women in the past used to produce many children as a way of social insurance, that if some dies, others would survive. She urged the government to invest more in family planning to reduce population high growth which comes with increased fertility among women.

On the other hand, Marline Thomas said the reason for the children to go out of their homes was luck of food, clothes and support from their families. Other children however has everything in their house but still went out because their parents do not have for them.

She added that communities should provide schools and health centers for their children because education and life insurance is the most important thing.

On his part John William, says the reason he ran away from home is because he is not at school and luck of support from the family. He said he used to see some children on the street and he joined them to become one family. He said that life is not good for them because they are sleeping under the shops.

He wants the community to gather all the children in one place and put some rules that if anyone violates, that person must be punished, and he said that the community should choose a leader to encourage them.

It is also the responsibility of parents towards their children, if they come back from school, you should try to look into their books and ask them questions, he thanked those parents who are supportive to their children.

The writer is a student at the University Juba College of Community studies and Rural Development department of Communication and Public Relations. She can be reached via mobile number: 0924783534 or email: khamisaezbon@gmail.com

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