Stranded refugees cry for transport

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Refugees studying in Kampala have been stranded due to lack of transport following the recent lockdown announced by Ugandan government.

They are appealing to South Sudan government to help them obtain means of transport to enable them go back to their homeland.

Since Monday, long distance bus fares have double as many people flock stations to reach their various home districts following the pronouncement by president Museveni to suspend public transport effective from today to curb spread of covid-19 second wave in the country.

The president of Uganda said public means between districts would be banned starting June 10 after the learners returned home from their various schools across the country.

According to Duku James a student of Logoba High in Kampala, majority of the buses enroute for Madi sub region had hiked their fares to over Ugx100,000. These included, Zawadi bus, BTC, Friends and Nile Coach.

“My dear, it is becoming so hard for us who are South Sudanese, where do they expect us to get money,’’ Duku angrily asked.

However Divine Coaches a bus operating within west Nile with most refugees had maintained their previous fare of Ugx55,000 to and from Kampala-Adjumani and Ugx65,000 Kampala-Moyo and Ugx35,000 Adjumani-Arua.

 The bus reportedly suspended operations on Tuesday prior to the 10thJune official dateline making it difficult for refugees in West Nile to get buses.

Deng Mike urged South Sudan Embassy in Uganda to provide them with transport at least up to Elegu Border before it got worse.

“I am appealing to the Ambassador of South Sudan to Uganda to at least drop us to Elegu Border and we see what we can do,” he concluded.

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