Editorial and commentary

Stop the unknown disease in Kapoeta state

With Opio Jackson

The leader of Jie community in Kapoeta state has raised an alarm about the spread of a strange disease in the area. According to the report seven people have so far died of the unknown disease.

Therefore there is need to stop the spread of the unknown disease. Ministry of Health and its partner the World Health Organization should find out what is this disease in order to contain its outbreak from spreading into neighboring communities.

It is important for the government to find out what is the cause of the disease in the area

The government needs to carry urgent disease surveillance in the area to generate data that will help public health officials to understand the emerging infectious disease. Without a proper understanding of the health problem in the area as the community is illiterate it is vulnerable to transmission of the disease.

First thing to stop the prevention of any infectious disease, it is the ability of the citizens to acquire the knowledge on how the disease is being transmitted from one person to another

A part from the outbreak of the unknown disease in Kapoeta state, chickenpox virus is becoming very common in Juba which the Ministry of Health needs to eradicate through education and mass vaccination programs across the city.

A competent and integrated surveillance system is crucial to the success of the program. There is need for vaccination to prevent the spread of the illness to non-immunized people. Without a network that allows for quick detection and action, in factious disease might not be eradicated. Surveillance is vital in controlling, elimination, and eradication initiatives, but it is often where programs fail. Governments and organizations should understand the importance of surveillance in disease and epidemic control, because in many cases, when surveillance fails, the program fails.

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