Since the Government of National Unity was formed there has been series of defections within the parties to Agreement both with military and political wing. What is going on within SPLM/SPLA-IO citadel? Why there is now uncommon movement of concern leaders from one party to the other while the parties to Revitalized Agreement are implementing the peace accord which was signed in September 2018. Defection during the period of peace is totally not a welcoming move. What has been commonly known is that defection work and could be acceptable during war times. Those who are practicing at this juncture should be treated as violators for peace agreement. It doesn’t sound well when the public is hearing about such migration at a time when the country is expecting to have one national army. Defection! For what reasons at this time? This matter of fellows migrating from one party to the other should be discouraged. The leadership of IO has to take measures to resolve the inconveniences arising in the party. The country cannot surely stand with people who have divided mindset. As leaders of a sovereign state, there should be a genuine loyalty to serve the country with trust and integrity. It is time to stop irresponsible behaviors. When shall this country get patriotic leaders who are ready to deliver services without fear and favor? This is the time to solicit for opportunities or better ground in the parties. The monkey’s behaviors should not be compromise at all means. Let there be sincerity in handling things in the country. The call is that there must be sense of responsibility and leadership character not hide and seek games. The public is watching and want to know who is capable of leading the nation without having self-interest pleas attach to systems that others cannot access.

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