It is really unfortunate that the four divided camps under the first vice President, Dr Riek Machar want to take this country back to untold suffering. Dr. Machar himself vowed that not again will this country go back to war in whatever circumstances. What is happening in the divided SPLM/A- IO cannot be left to go the way or the direction it is taking. Maybe it will not be harmful to those seeking power through the gun but the effect of clashes is already being felt by the locals. Surely, whatever it takes, the country needs total peace which the citizens have longed for far too long. There must come a time when all must work and carry the load together for the good of the entire nation. Self-centred interests must be shelved for the good of the country and the people. Fresh clashes or whatever one would like to baptize cannot be allowed to divert the attention of the peace process now taking shape. People must learn to reason(s) together and where there is no agreement, all should be harmonized. The country cannot live on and through the gun all this long. What does it hold for the future generation who are being prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow? Let the Magenis clashes come to an end and total peace restored through dialogue. This is now happening in the full glare of the international communities who are not saying anything of substance to remedy the situation but condemning from afar. These are the same people who will tomorrow start accusing the government and the locals of being unable to manage their own affairs in their own country. Indeed, it is time to learn some lessons from the past and stop brothers and sisters from slaughtering themselves in the name of power game or power seeking.

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