Stop Press of Dollars

By Atimaku Joan

The National Security Service (NSS) has stopped the press of fake dollars yesterday through the confiscation of a machine found along with thousands of fake dollars in a hotel in Juba.

Speaking to the media during a press statement issued by the Internal Security Bureau (ISB), the Director ISB David John Kumuri revealed that NSS is set to launch many operations to bring on board such cases.

“National Security Service has started launching very many operations and today is a successful operation for the apprehension of this machine which the criminals were using it to make fake dollars,” said Kumuri.

The Director exposed a paper that was used for printing the fake dollars in front of journalists.

He affirmed that the search would continue to be carried out by National Security Service to bring down the network of such criminal acts in the country.

However, Kumuri withheld the names of the criminals and the hotels where they were found stating that it was so sensitive to do so.

“We apprehend the criminals from hotels around Juba, and today we are unable to disclose these criminals because it’s very sensitive,” he stressed.

He stated that this followed the recent arrest of the 14 criminals with fake money last week and this was because people demanded for the search of the machine too.

He said that operation team would be able to reveal the identity of the criminals to the journalists soon.

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