Time has come and gone so fast for some people who are still living in the yesteryears. The Unity Government has been formed and it is time for work to tame the past into being today. Some people and group opposed to their some appointment should give the President a chance to prove that his appointed lieutenants can carry the day and make a difference in service delivery to the citizens which has been absent far too long. Peace should come with forgiveness and tolerance. Not all can be appointed in positions available. Therefore, they must learn to build this country from a different angle. Not only presidential or government appointment can make one do much for the country. They must work with the general public and technocrats to achieve the collective goal of collective service delivery. People who are walking going round media outlets with complain of this or that should stop. It is pointless to start another war of words while the appointees are just starting to settle in their offices. There are people who will always remain dissatisfied with whatever is done to them. They are many and are among some politicians who would want to rock the boat from within. This time the country is watching and they will not be allowed to have it their own way because the common-man has learned the hard way how difficult it is to normalize a destructive situation when it comes. Those roaming the media outlets with distractions written on their faces and asking for who should be removed and who should be appointed must stop playing the role of a thinker or adviser which they are not competent or appointed to do. The country should divert its attention from un-called for activities and focus on socio-economic development which is the most important role to play, not walking from door to do with complains which cannot be of any value to the present situation on the ground

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