Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

At the beginning of this week l had predicted a busy schedule for the country with a number of guests and locals alike streaming in and out for one purpose that peace was restored and the unity government formed. My prediction was not very far away because one of those who streamed in the country were members of the continental committee on peace and security who spent two days’ meeting, different group linked to the peace process. It was the week that Dr. Riek Machar came and had consultations among them with President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Although we may not be privy to their consultation meeting, two things are however clear. Their meeting must have cerntred on the peace process and the pending formation of the unity government. The clock is ticking slowly but for sure and that 100 days extension which was initially seen as a long journey to the Promised Land is with us. Tomorrow a new history will be told and with all possibilities the new and fresh journey will start of rebuilding the nation collectively. Like every common citizen, l am with the winning team but for those who are having sleepless night crowing in the corridors of the appointing authorities, let the lucky one get the position. It should be someone with proper background and with patriotism to this country. Patriotism is not for an individual but for the country. Which brings me to just a new trend created to draw the attention of the appointing authorities to this or that community, which should not be the case? Why should a community apply for a job for their man or woman through the media instead of following proper channel? What would happen if all the 64 communities in the country applied for their man or woman? Could there be a space to accommodate all of them. This trend must stop because it hurts even the community itself. It must stop because it is dividing the country into ethnicity. It must stop because it is a practice of the past which cannot bring unity of a nation together. The appointing authority should be left to select people of integrity who will help him steer this nation to prosperity. The Presidency should not be overloaded but be given a chance to use the wisdom and bring on board only those who are able and can perform. The presidency is well aware and knows who these people are so by applying for jobs through the media l would tell those who are doing so that they are misplaced by thinking and doing things along tribal or ethnic lines. Some people have argued that they have a right to propel their own to the next level of government, yes there is right of freedom of speech or expression, but this does not constitute a right to solicit for employment through un-accepted method. Let wisdom prevail and let the appointing authority do the best for the country.

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