Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It came to being that the truth is now coming out and doubting Thomases are coming to reality that the first case diagnosed of coronavirus was and still is a foreigner from the West. Thirty four contacts have been rounded and put in isolation. More contacts are being traced for similar vetting and tests. This is where people who normally rush into conclusion should start drawing the boundaries. Some media outlets went viral when the first case of coronavirus was tested positive on a foreign national and reported in as it is in this media house, some agents of doom were not happy and wanted us to hide the truth and the reality. They were up in arms, but now the last laugh is coming out and the country and world is proving us right that the UN employee whose case became the first one to be positive in the country was a foreigner who came to this country more than a month and some days ago and who went about her business at the UN premises without any restriction or iota of doubt until it became obvious that she was positive and medics rushed to isolate her. It is sad to be tested positive with this marauding disease whose treatment is yet to be known. In reporting sensitive issues of national and international concern, there must be order of truth and honesty. Nobody should block or hide facts as they are. This move tends to help those involved in the prevention and protective measures to follow the chronologies and case-facts. The media should help the medical experts and the government to fight the pandemic by reporting facts as they are instead of hoodwinking or twisting the facts. In my class of thought, there are those who would stand firm with the facts and remain honest to the professional callings. It is ethical and accepted to remain so even if some others think differently because at the end one would be honoured for standing firm with facts and truth. The damage this COVID’19 has caused to people across the world is un-believable within a very short period of time. It was just some few months ago that this disease was reported somewhere in China. This time around no finger should be pointed at anyone since the virus has been declared global disaster and is being fought in each and every country accordingly.  Coronavirus is real and people should not take it for granted. It is a strange disease which came from China but which has affected the whole world. It is only sober minds that need to be able to come out with formula of fighting the virus. This is why the highest office of the land having known the effect and the consequences of the COVID’19 is causing the fight for prevention and protection with professional order in all its sequences that need collective engagement of each and eve

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