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It is my humble calling to share whatever little l have including knowledge to those who might find them important and useful. It is not for me to be selfish with what can enrich the general public in whatever little capacity. This is why sometime l go out of my professional jargon to give little by little in reaching the public through this, their, favourite column and believe me you, the results have been encouraging with firm conviction that this is the most read column with purpose(s). This time around l came through yet a post from a friend which l believe have family value and which will interest you as you start your first day of the week. I have always appealed to many people outside there not to rush into conclusions without facts and this is what this post is teaching us. We shall understand the world better if all of us stop the rush and remain sober to give proper and good judgments of fellow human beings. It pays to be patient and sure of what you utter next like in this case of the pastor and his church members.

“How a Pastor *Stole* a *25,000/= Open Bank Cheque* During Dinner in church members House

 A Successful couple invited the Pastor of their church for dinner in their home.

After the Pastor left, the couple realized their cheque had disappeared. The man said to his wife; *“I think the Pastor has stolen the 25,000/= open bank cheque* that I kept here on the table of which I had the intention to give to him”.

Angrily his wife exclaimed; “Hmmmm! All of them are just the same. *There is no need to invite him again*, we shall from henceforth be attending another church”.

Two months later, the woman met the Pastor on a certain street and was courageous enough to face him and said: “Good morning pastor, you have surely realized that we no longer attend service at your church, this is because we’re angry with you. The day you ate in our house, there was a 25,000/= open bank cheque on the table but *unfortunately it disappeared while we were eating. You were the only person who visited our house at that time”.*

The Pastor said to her, *“Yes, I took the cheque. I put it in your Bible* to avoid spilling the sauce on it”.

The woman got so confused and asked the Pastor to forgive her.

Back in her house, she took up the Bible and behold there was the bank cheque which had been there for two months.

This meant that for two months, *she had not opened her bible*. For two months, *she and her husband falsely accused the innocent Pastor.* For two months, *the incident had tortured them unnecessarily*.

How many times do we *suspect and accuse other people without reasonable proof, evidence or testimony?*

How many times do you *wrongly give someone a bad name?*

How many times do you misinterpret the actions of a brother that means well for you?

Lesson: if you think your brother has offended you. tell him….ask him…iron it out….do not harbor a grudge or hold a beef for nothing. *Do not always be quick to judge or conclude.*

Your word, thoughts and actions do they break, mend, uplift someone?”

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