Stop GBV in South Sudan

By: Anna Nimiriano

Hundreds of women from different churches yesterday gathered at Presbyterian Church of South Sudan in Juba to commemorate the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence under the theme: No, my brother! She cried; don’t do this to me, 2 Samuel 13: 12. The programme has started with a march from Kololo road to the Presbyterian Church at the Airport road. Women were singing, praising and asking the Lord to end violence being done to them across the country.

During the speeches and preaching, it was said raping of women had started long time ago in the Bible. Tamara was raped by her own brother, she reveal it to the public, which is why we have the story of rape today. If she didn’t say it out, we couldn’t reflect the theme of the event to the Bible. The same situation of Tamara in the Bible we have it in our country, violence against women is being done by men who are husbands to women and unknown gunmen within Juba and outside the city.

 However, yesterday was the day women and girls have broken silence against GBV in the country. Sometimes women are not respected by men, they are being called “just women” whatever positions they are holding in various institutions in the country. During the prayers, women put on orange clothes, it was a sign of sorrow for the bad things happening to them in many places within and outside the country. God is listening to their plea in any situation they are in. They are carrying the cross and paying the price in this country to bring peace.

Let us put our hands together to end violence in the country. All of us should advocate for zero tolerance of violence against women. On this day we can remember women who are living with disability as part of the programme. The advocate for the programme has started on 25th of November and it ended on 10th of December, 2019.  During these days, a lot of activities took place in many places within the country.

It was a day of protecting and advocating for the rights of women, a day of remembering violence and suffering of women, if violence against women ended, there would be total peace in the country. Women by nature are peace markers, if they unite they could do better in any programme. Sometimes our cultures contribute to GBV, it is considered part of life and a nature of handling problems in the family.

Women gave testimony on rape cases, one of them said she was raped by seven men; those women need protection at their places of work and at home. The same programme was conducted yesterday in Wau, Malakal and of course in Juba. All of us were advised to do well in the country, at the end of the day we are accountable to God for what we did to our people in the world.

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