Stop double tax collection

The end of governors from forum came to an end yesterday with a strong guiding call from President Salva Kiir to states and administrative areas authorities to stop overlapping in tax collection. The president echoed his concern over so many bodies involved in collecting taxes and directed that only the National Revenue Authority (NRA) was the only one authorized by law to collect taxes. There are administrative protocols which should be adhered to by any public or private institutions. There have been hue and cry from members of the public, more so, the business community over chain of taxes being demanded from them by State, administrative areas the city council and even some security organs are involved which was not within the law of the land.  There are people who should responsible for day to day management and supervision of such activities to contain any possible malpractices. Those collecting taxes illegally are doing them in broad daylight within the presence of the law enforcement organs. What is preventing these security agents from enforcing and implementing their role by bringing to book the culprits instead of waiting until they are told or reminded to do their work? Something is rightly wrong and that some of the culprits colluded with some state machineries to beat the odd out of the law. One must take the work assigned to him/her with seriousness. It cannot be expected that those given responsibilities have to wait for someone to tell them or remind them what they should rightfully be doing. It is cheating and immoral to pretend to be doing something while at the same time abetting crimes mostly by some well-placed public officers. These are people who should not be spared if found. They should be shown the doors never to get re-entry for whatever purposes and reasons. They should be made to know and understand that illegal collection of taxes was in itself high level of corruption which would not allow the country to progress an inch. There are pending cases of total harassment by a number of security personnel small scale business community in the name of taxes which must be stopped.     

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