STOP-Corruption in the -national coffer-Kiir

By William Madouk Garang

President  Salva Kiir Mayardit has directed the newly appointed Minister of Finance Agak Achuil to stop corruption in his docket, mishandling and siphoning public funds aboard.

Kiirr evealed that some staff in the ministry were busy opening bank accounts overseas, siphoning public funds aboard and constructing luxurious mansions in foreign countries a process which had undermined development in the country.

During the swearing in ceremony on Saturday, President Kiir  warned the new Minister to desist from bad practices and cautioned him not to follow suit the wrong doings of his predecessor adding that if he succeeded in paying civil servants and organized forces’ salaries he would have done a great help not to himself but to the entire country.

“I have two things to tell you, one don’t follow the foot-steps of your predecessors, don’t follow them. They did a lot of bad things. One they don’t report to me what is going on in the treasury while they are aware that they are under me.If the minister cannot report to me about what is there in chest of drawers or the coffer of the national government then to whom do they report to,” president Kiir wondered.

“If the monthly salary of all the civil servants and organized forces are paid monthly; if you do that, it’s not only you who has help yourself. You would have help me and the people of South Sudan,” he added.

President Kiir also accused the former minister of Finance for not giving accurate financial reporting, delays in paying civil servants and organized forces’ and draining off public money outside the country for their own self-enrichment.

“One come and open bank accounts in unknown banks and start siphoning the country’s money outside the and build themselves a big mansion somewhere.This is what my pervious staff were doing, “The President lamented.

President Kiir advised the new minister to put to an end the alleged issue of bribery in the ministry of Finance where some staff demanded to be given a certain percentage to process the payment to business contractors.

“Bribery! Why should they be bribed for doing their work. Kill this thing called bribe. And if you hear any complainant that there are some people who are asking for money to pay out service delivered, you come to me l will dismiss that person,” he stressed.

Kiir further asked the two newly appointed ministers not to be deceived adding that their appointment was a sole decision from him after following their backgrounds and knowing their capabilities and unwavering allegiance to the party and the country.

Last Friday, in a Presidential decrees readout on sate-run SSBC, President Kiir sacked the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Athian Diing Athian and the Interior Minister, Paul Mayom Akec.

And in a separate decree, President also dismissed the undersecretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry Agak Achuil and appointed him as the new Minister of Finance and Planning while Mahmud Solomon was appointed as Minister of Interior.  

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