What a shame that the country is in peace mission for the benefit of all citizens but a section of the opposition seems dissatisfied and keep on engaging the national army in crossfire confrontation. What is going on in Lobonok area should not be happening and must be condemned by the entire population who cherishes peace and want to live in a conducive atmosphere? The struggle to return peace for the sake of the people to engage in development activities is what the opposition should work to understand with one clear mission that any fatality on the general public during the crossfire is a minus to their intended goal. In such circumstances it is the innocent members of the public who are disadvantaged with women and children being the victims. Their leaders are in a peace meeting in Rome, Italy, they should wait for the result because no one would want this kind of attack to continue when peace should be harmonized. It must be strongly detested and condemned since what the country needs now under the unity government is to cherish and advance peace to recover the lost period of time when crisis coupled with the dreaded coronavirus pandemic hit the country among other parts of the world. The citizens are tired of hearing the sound of gun every now and then. They are very anxious to have peace; therefore any differences should be dialogued around the table not with guns which result in killing a brother or sister. Be it Lobonok or any other part of the country, peace must be harmonized through dialogue.  Provoking a situation to cover the wrong did and get away with crime is indeed criminalizes the act and do not solve any problem.

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