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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

I sat and thought that this was like jumping from frying pan to fire. Because if it is not Amnesty International, it will be Human Rights Commission or the Bretton hood brothers or that U.N body or that international institution, recycling and talking about all the negative ills committed in the country, including sanctioning innocent souls for their own interests. I wish l had the capacity, l would have gone the Martin Elia Lomuro way and sue them to come out with the truth of their so called findings. I was reading the current so called report of thereof, the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan. Most of the allegations contained therein are nothing new which have not been rotated by the so called international bodies in the past. Actually what might be new inthis report could be the Tambura crisis. I stand to be corrected but these reports have yielded little help to this country if any but only keep on smearing the image and tarnishing those they perceive to be their enemies. In fact, nothing will come out of these reports which are meant to persuade their bosses somewhere in New York for continue funding and lining up their wallets. The authors of these reports spend colossal amount of resources, time and manpower to fix them for their own good. Genuinely, they should be working with the government organs and pointing out the shortfalls before sending them out to see if the issues raised could not be handled internally. A good friend is that one who tells you in your face what is wrong or right with you. Time and again, these reports have found their ways outside without the issues at hand being brought to the attention of the authorities. How then is one expected to know where he has gone wrong and correct it. The insinuation that they tried to contact the government spokesperson is highly in doubt, because in all other reports, they have not made any such efforts. This is like window-dressing which cannot hold water in any society. This country needs respect. Its sovereigntycannot be compromised. There are leaders who can be approached to discuss matters of national concern instead of taking these matters outside without giving them a chance to respond. Time has come that the consideration should be given to true and good friends to be among the citizens instead of having wolf in sheep skin among us. The other day, l agreed with the notion of the Africa Union, that African problem needs African solution. There is nothing good some of these whites sent to us will see and appreciate except what they coin in their minds and what their mission is all about. Worse still, there are our own who are collaborating with them in their efforts to ridicule anythingAfrica. Patriotism rests in the heart of each and every individual but one should not allow to be publicly humiliated as these reports are meant to do to the citizens and the country. They must be resisted at all cost.

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