Stop circulating rumors about war

By: Anna Nimiriano

There have been rumors circulating on the social media and on the streets that there is going to be war if President Salva Kiir decided to form the transitional government on 12th of November this year. It was said that some Organizations have given open holidays to their staff until the situation in the country improved. The rumors continued that, people have to purchase some food items to be stored in the house, if war break out it will help them to have something to eat.

My dear people of South Sudan, these are dangerous rumors in the country. We cannot imagine such situation to occur based on past experienced, especially in 2016. 

Those who are circulating these rumors should stop immediately. We don’t want people of South Sudan to live in fear since they are already traumatized with severe conflict in the country. Last Friday President Kiir and Dr. Machar met in Kampala for peace talks. They agreed to extend the period to one hundred days. To finalize outstanding issues that could lead to the formation of transitional government.

Rumors will not help us, it will instead kill us. However, International organizations and Embassies in South Sudan are to work positive on peace building, to help government and advise them on how to move this peace on positive direction.

Anybody who contributes negatively is anti-peace which is not accepted by the people of South Sudan.  Let us follow the footsteps of churches; they are organizing prayers, preaching good news to the people of South Sudan.  Giving them hope and asking for forgiveness for what had gone wrong in the country.

We know there were bad things that happened during the time of conflict, we should ask forgiveness from God since we have sinned against Him and his people in our daily activities. 

If there is misunderstanding between two leaders, in the process of implementation of peace deal, we should react in positive manner or suggest an idea that could help them. We have already obtained peace, what we need to do is to build up on this peace to become sustainable for the people of South Sudan.

For those who  listen to the rumors and run out from the country,  if nothing happens on 12th , are you going to come back? Running to the neighboring countries cannot help us; instead let us see ways of ending the conflict in the country.

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