Stop children from participating in protest

By:  Anna Nimiriano

The story published in the newspaper yesterday that children protested in Jonglei state, Bor town to support 32 states was wrong. Children are not conversant about anything regarding national affairs. They are innocent people; their ages are not for people who can decide on the national affairs. Why should the authorities in the state force them to protest in support of the 32 states? If you ask them what these states are, they cannot tell you all.

Telling them to protest, is abusing their rights as children. During the war, children were recruited soldiers to fight; many of them died which was not their will. They were taken by force to kill people and to be killed which was wrong. Now the state government forced them to protest on in support of the 32 states. What are they benefiting from these children? Instead they are destroying the future of these children. A child under ten years or fifteen years has no idea on what is going on in the country.

Government should stop such kind of scenarios in the states. They are supposed to encourage children to study; tomorrow they would become good leaders in the country.  If their ages reach to reasoning they can think on how best to improve the country.  Government in Jonglei state failed in supporting national government in supporting the 32 states, may be people refused the idea or the population of people was small, they thought of adding children to increase their numbers. Even as mature people you could not force them to accept 32 states. When it was created, people’s opinions were not asked in all the states. Now people of South Sudan should see based on the experience they had during those years, is it working well or not? May be several state populations were no as required, what would happen to them.

May be there was no enough budget to help them to do adequate services. All the information is very important to give clear picture of having 32 states. I know people like positions that brought out the creation of the states. It provided job opportunities to people. It is not a matter of having many states but to do the right thing in the country.

Some states have few offices to run services; other staff are sitting under the trees. Addition to that the locality of the areas have no funds to develop their states. We need to look on the importance of the states before confirming them legal. Better to evaluate them and come out with appropriate solutions.  Therefore, politicians are to distance themselves from children. In anything don’t involve children; their time will come to participate in nation building.

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