Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

In all its forms, lies told or passed on to others, has more venom than the black mamba’s bite. It creates fear and makes other live with uncertainty deep in the rumour-dens. I am not encouraging such actions and takes. People should live little respect for other. Not of fear or vendetta amongst the peaceful society. Let this come to an end because some individuals want to create issues where there are no issues. Going down memory lane, I remembered a saying that the easiest way to be in a police cells or be taken inside police jail is to throw a stone at a police station. This can only happen in outer-space not in real life or if so, those that who threw that stone must be sane unless he/she is full of criminal mind or is a jailbird. To cup it up all there are strong rumours related to the Shirkat land skirmishes which left the country gaping with more than six death and scores of injuries. The leadership of this country in his wisdom came out to form a committee so that the truth could come out instead of relying on rumours and speculations. Back to UN body; My understanding of some UN operations mode somehow gives me a different picture of what has been going on with the UN body since its assignment to this country. I need not to repeat what was published in this paper yesterday. The truth however, remains that some incomplete and unsatisfactory behaviors have been noticed in the past where under the pretext of protecting civilians, some people have been killed without the peacekeepers shooting a single bullet. It is not fair to give contradicting statements. On Thursday the UNMISS boss while meeting with Foreign Affair docket carrier talked of a different thing about handing over the security back to the national now that unity government was in place  and peace had returned only to give a different picture the following day during a press conference. Even some questions which could have shown light to the truth on the ground was not answered.  It is these types of behaviors’ that are causing the country a million of disorder in rumour mongering and misinformation to the public. We must be aware by not taking in every single word or gossip that could lead the citizens and the country onto duodenum. The reasons why I am tackling the two issues in this article is because both of them want to sway the mind and thinking of the people. These should not be allowed at any cross-road to reach the destinations set for them by their purported sources because they are not meant for good but to give the opposite of the positive intentions. At all-time the citizens and the country should be aware of the dividing forces whose intentions are only to ensure negativities.   

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