The confusion emerging from the peace process partners must be brought to a stop for the sake of the people and the country. Whatever and whoever is the source of the confusion should realize right away and now that the extended period is soon over and the formation day becomes a reality. A number of key players have aired their views on the matter but the move forward has not been impressive although there are those really committed to see the exercise is completed in peace and citizens left to do their work. It could be IGAD, it could be JMEC, it could be the UN or international community and it could be even some of the local players who are seeing holding the aces in their hands at the expense of the common-man. Whoever or whatever stands on the line of the peace process whether from within or outside must be told frankly and clearly that time for gambling with the lives of the people of this country was over and time to tackle their issues seriously and positively had taken over. It is more so because everyone is yearning and longing for peace for the stability of the country. It has been a long journey to booker and brings peace at the door-step. It will be really unfortunate and very hurting if someone had to turn this noble cause to naught. This cannot be the spirit of unity and peace. These could be spoilers who are standing far at the corner of the fence to jump in and spoil the good work when it is almost succeeding. Let reason(s) be. Those issues which cannot be resolved before the deadline can be done on the roundtable after the formation of the unity government. It is such trusts which will make the transitional period succeed. Not arm-twisting or shadow-boxing.

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