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Stop abusing power –Norway

Amb. Lars Andersen [L], Minister Moses Hassan Tiel during celebration. (photo by Kidega Livingstone).

By Kidega Livingstone 

The Norwegian government through its embassy to South Sudan told the warring parties to the agreement to stop abusing power.

The Royal Norwegian Ambassador, Lars Andersen said that it is time for the leaders to push the Country forward in order for the South Sudanese to get peace.

He said the conflict and failure to sign a legitimate peace agreement is an abuse of power by the leaders because they made the people of South Sudan to lose their life and the suffering still continues.

While celebrating 204 years of Norwegian Independence on Thursday, Ambassador Andersen said that the High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) is the only way to bring peace to the Country. That needs commitment from warring parties, he said.

“We are committed to support the peace agreement and reconciliation because peace is the first priority for this country,” said Andersen.

Norway is one of the TORIKA Countries committed to supporting the revitalization process in Addis Ababa.

He said the International Community and TORIKA were interested to see the political will in the revitalization of the peace for South Sudanese to feel free after the peace is restored.

“The best thing the government should do is to bring prosperity among the people of South Sudan,” said Andersen.

Meanwhile the Chief Guest who is also the Minister of Trade and Industry, Moses Hassan Tiel recognized the day as an important day for the Norwegian people and the people of South Sudan because of the strong bilateral relationship between the two Countries.

He said South Sudan and Norway share the common interest adding that the government is committed to bringing peace by all means in order to start the development.

“Peace should have prevailed yesterday not today because brining peace needs a process that will bring all the stakeholders to the peace process together. Now there is hope of peace because of the HLRF and the National Dialogue,” said Hassan.

He said there are some leaders who take the suffering of the people for granted. “Our people will not suffer again if peace comes,” he said.

He urged the leaders going to serve the country after the peace to put their interests aside and consider the suffering of the people. “If we put our interests aside we shall be able to save this country,” Hassan said.



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