Stick to the agreed time

By Agar Mayor Gai
Would anyone ever come to agree on something beyond his or her implementational capacity? Of course not a single peace minded person will do. The fact that you came into a consensus with a different opinion-based personality or party is always an indication of your commitment to putting into reconciliation the distinct opinions for the benefit of the local people. And for the case of this country, we have suffered and died because for a long time, the ideas of our different leaders have not been in perfect harmony.
Each has been going his or her own way. And this has made the local population a subject to the implications of their actions. We have been killed, raped and made to think of war as the only solution to our political, social and economic challenges. This was and is still the daily experience of the local citizens in this nation of South Sudan.
But though, there seems to be a change of heart by the leaders as of the current. They have seen the suffering of the local people and thus, the need for the reconciliation of their needs has arisen in every leader’s heart. They are now at the brink of bringing a durable though not, everlasting peace to this country. They, last year, thought of putting the nation interests first and later individual interests will follow. This was the reason for the Khartoum agreement where the two principal leaders of this nation met and shared their differences.
They went ahead to come up with a solution as that of the formation of a unity or an interim government where all the parties to the agreement would be represented and given a voice to decide on national aspects of unity and prosperity. This is very significant and an indication of the parties’ commitment to bringing peace, unity and success for this nation.
They agreed that the unity government would have its existence in this land on November 12th of this year. However, the local people of this country have a past experience and a belief that whenever politicians make an agreement with one another, there are some common factors which always tend to dishonor the deal. One of these factors is that of signing a provision which they know very well that it will not work in their existence. In other words, accepting a provision for the sake of signing and not of will is the major cause of dishonoring of the peace deals.
And luckily enough, we are hopeful though was but for the recent, not sure that whatsoever the leaders of this country had agreed and signed in Khartoum, will never have a dishonoring factor. It has to be typically different from the other signed but later dishonored agreements in this nation. We, the local people really need this peace and it is through the formation of unity government in November 12th that we are likely to develop trust in the leaders and their will to lift off our necks the suffering and failureness.
These two principal leaders, if there not one in the unity government, we have not a single hope for a peaceful and united South Sudan. The two however, must stick to the agreed time such that the implementation happens timely and accordingly.

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