Recent killings in some of our institutions have left many wondering whether someone cares for the safety of the public and more so the sanctity of life. That criminal gangs continue to terrorize our innocent citizens is in itself enough reason for us to raise our voices over insecurity. Worse still is that the criminals take away innocent lives as if with utmost impunity. In the worst case scenario, they have attacked institutions, killed a student of Juba University and further took another life of a secondary school teacher elsewhere. One could argue that the perpetrators of such acts have no any other motive than to take away life. An institution like Juba University should be one of the key government’s installations that should be under a 24-hour security watch. Security of the students cannot be left at the mercy of criminals. Remember each life is important like any other and no one has the right to take away anyone’s life. The fact that a gun wielding gang can walk into an institution of learning and kill a student then walk scot free is in itself a testimony that something is lacking. It is the government’s responsibility to provide security to every citizen irrespective of his or her social status in the society. The university’s administration should liaise with the security operates to ensure security is beefed up at the institution. Students’ movement and security too should be of major concern to the administration and no stranger should be allowed into the institutions. The students should be more vigilant and cooperate with the administration to report any cases of suspicious characters in their institutions. There should be some restrictions in regard to the students’ movements as well as hours when they are allowed to move out outside the gates. In human rights protection, every life counts and nobody has the right to take away the sanctity of life. It is high time the government revised its approach to security in out learning institutions to ensure no more life is lost at all.

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