Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

This fact must register in and within the general public. Nobody should come out cheating his or her way that they can cure the coronavirus at whatever level until clinical trials by approved authorities and bodies came out with such results  Right now sample collected and still untested in the medical laboratories locally are nearing 6,000. This cannot be taken at face value and life continues as normal. Even if all the cases will not test positive when the result are out, still there is a cause for concern that protection and preventive measures recommended and approved by the world and local medical institutions must be adhered to. There is nothing which has come new in the periphery that can change this scenario over-night. Our people should be keen to follow what is happening in the corners of the world to understand how coronavirus is spreading with unbelievable speed to finish the mankind race. For those who are still breathing, take all precautionary measures to stay safe but one should not be cheated or lured into engaging in yet to be confirmed cure which are not scientifically approved or recommended. Every country is taking its or her own precaution to safeguard their own people although they are doing it collectively with other local and international institutions, the burden of proof rest with each country. This thing named coronavirus is real. It would be suicidal to play around with it. Count the death-toll in Europe, the USA and the Far East countries. Since no known cure has been found and the world doubts the Madagascar findings, the only remedy is to follow the requirements and live longer. For your own safety you can afford to isolate yourself when that time comes. But what is more dangerous right now is the mushrooming of preventive materials including even the hand sanitizer which some people have started to produce with un-recommended materials from unknown sources There are reports that some of these are simple mixtures of cheap items collected by some dishonest minds whose purposes are to make quick money irrespective of the situation on the ground. This time around the general public should be their own security to watch and monitor those who are cheating their ways in their midst with products which are not truly useful or recommended for public use. Health officials and part of the security personnel should be on standby to work round the clock to ensure those taking advantage were nabbed and brought to book. The Ministry of Health should equally make the test equipment operational in the available laboratories and other health institutions. The backlog is worrying because people whose samples are in the waiting line are getting worried day by day and night by night expecting to know their status. An environment where one operates from should always remain clean and habitable while at the same time one takes precautions by following the medical requirements to stay safe from coronavirus.

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