STAY-Permit for aliens without passport a must

By Yiep Joseph

The Directorate of Nationality,Passport and Imigration ordered foreigners without passports to acquire temporary stay permit to avoid interruptions.

While addressing the media yesterday, Col James Mapuor Acuoth Director for Information and Public Relations ordered the non-nationals who entered into the country without passports to acquire temporary stay permitin order to avoid being inconvenienced.

“South Sudan Immigration has come out with a policy to issue a temporary stay permit (TSP) to people who do not have passports” Mapour said.

“All foreigners without passport must come to immigration and get the temporary stay permit” he ordered.

He said that registration was good because it alsohelped home countries to know your information.

Mapour also revealed that there were allegation that some foreigners wanted to protest against the need for registration by the Immigration officers.

“The Immigration has received allegation that some foreigners are not happy about the registration and that they would like to plan the protest, South Sudan is warning them against such ideas.”he revealed.

“South Sudan is warning foreigners who are planning to protest against registration. If there are issues they are not happy with they should submit them to their Associations and embassies to be addressed” he explained.

“In 2018 there was a protest in Gumbo and recently  there was another one by Uganda nationals against Immigration rules while at the same time the Immigration are the one protecting foreign nationals who are in the country” he added.

He said it was the mandate of immigration to regulate people staying in the country.

“South Sudan government is trying to regulate people who are staying in this country by documenting foreign nationals in the country” he said.

Mapour revealed that there was increase in the number of cases of human trafficking in East Africa.

“Human trafficking is on the rise right now there are a lot of cases which have just been reported especially between Uganda and South Sudan”he expressed.

“South Sudan is committed in protecting the citizens from these criminal act” he appealed.

Since the visa waivecame into existence between South Sudan and Uganda, several occurrence regarding arrest of foreigners due to Immigration document related issues have been registered onseveral occasions.  

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